Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who you Calling a Racist?

Last nights debate could have been an eye opener for many and may be a turning point in this election. There has been much ado about Race and Racist issues being brought forward in this election. Last night's battle stayed true to that order.

Being a racist does not require that you are white. Several remarks in the last few days reveal that Obama has some serious issues around race. First of all lets remind ourselves that Obama is not 100% black. When asked if Clinton was the "first black president" Obama came back with a half sincere answer of needing to see him dance to determine if he was really a "brother". I find that stereotypical profiling by a "black man" repulsive.

Secondly, When Obama felt it necessary to say that those voting for him needed to vote for what was good for themselves, their children, and this nation and those voting for Hillary needed to vote for what was good for themselves, their children and this nation and well, Those voting for Edwards were .........well??? (Just white Males?) This was so very much a slam against the white male. As if the white male has no place at the democrat table is not only abusive but dangerous. Exactly who does Mr. Obama fell has helped him get to that table? Clue.... Bill Clinton maybe just a little? This assertion of Obama's that if you don't vote for me you are a Racist or if you vote for Clinton you are either a racist or a feminist is ridiculous. This party has always been about supporting the underdog and the downtrodden be it women, black, LGBT, disabled or other wise. Don't play that game at the table that feeds you.

Because Obama is running as the first black candidate there is a “hands off” don’t go there mentality that has overtaken this race. I think that is dangerous and misrepresentative of the party. We need to talk about the true value of race and the true value of bringing all of us together as one party representing the values of the diversity of our party. Not the desperation of one man to achieve the title of the first black president of the USA. Obama seems to have a constant need to play the race card and keep that issue at the top of this election. It's not playing well for the party and it's not getting him any votes from the democrats but rather from the republicans and independents who love this eruption from within the party. Of course they are going to support him being the nominee, but don’t look for those votes in the general. They are working hard to manipulate the democrats to insure their victory in November and we’re doing a pretty good job of allowing that to happen. What better way to secure the republican agenda than to get the opposition in-fighting and destroying the trust within the party? If Obama thinks this has been a bloody battle wait until he becomes the nominee and faces the Republican machine. He hasn't seen blood shed yet.

My point is, we have great candidates and we have much to gain from this election. I fear the point of "it's our election to loose" is very much the case and from what I experienced last night it appears we are well on our way to doing just that.

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American Rhetoric Review said...

Last Night on FAUX news there was actually a republican telling the truth. He stated that there are many republicans and independents that have been and continue to register as Democrats in order that they can vote in our primaries and participate in our caucuses. This allows them to stand or vote for Obama in order to make him the nominee. They feel strongly that they can beat Obama in the General and know they can not beat Clinton. I hope the Democrats get out there and vote their will because its going to take a lot of democrats to make up for this force of corruption that is trying once again to manipulate our party. The Polls tell us that the “hard core” democrats support Clinton and all the swing voters and independents are supporting Obama…… Now we know why. They have absolutely no intentions of voting for him in the general. Let’s not let them manipulate us into giving them the white house for another 4 years! Today is Super Tues. Get out there and Vote!!!!