Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hate from the pulpit

Obama is having a hard time explaining his involvement in a church where the preacher has been notoriously preaching hate against the white community.

These comments are not new to the black community or the white community. Both races have been guilty of preaching such dogma and hate. The difference here is that Obama is running for the highest office in the world, the President of the United States of America. For Obama to claim that he had no knowledge of Reverend Wright’s speaking of such things is ridiculous. He attended this church for over 20 years. His children were taught by this preacher and he and his wife were married by this preacher. To claim now that he had “no knowledge” of this offensive language is obviously misleading.

Does this mean that he can’t be a good president? Americans will have to decide.
But I will tell you this. I don’t approve of those who will sit in a church and listen to hate being preached against other segments of our community such as Gays and Lesbians, Hispanics, ranting about the justification of 9-11 because America is tolerant of Homosexuality and therefore god is punishing our nation with the likes of Katrina, and other natural disaster.

Both are offensive and one is no worse than the other. I won’t vote for someone who believes in either of these views. I resent that they are allowed to influence my government with those beliefs and I resent that they have influence on our courts.

Black anger, Gay anger, Hispanic anger, economic anger, are all real and it is up to us to insure that we don’t put anymore religious zealots from any one of these basis in the Whitehouse.

The “more perfect union” means that we don’t tolerate such hate speech coming from the church pulpit or from the Whitehouse lawn.

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American Rhetoric Review said...

Wright, Wrong, Religion

Truth is this entire thing has very little to do with Race and more to do with Religion. Religion doing what it should not, with it's tax exempt status, be allowed to do. Obama should have not been attending a church however for 20 years that was preaching such crap. A preacher out of control preaching hate against America, Hate against anyone not black; Like Blacks are the only ones who have felt pain and discrimination in our great nation. I think not!

Obama's church isn't the only one out of line. We have churches across this nation that preaches hate on a daily basis against segments of our communities. Take a look at the American Family Assoc. any day of the week and their battle against the gay community. Their hatred is just as powerful and they do it under the disguise of religion.

Until we deal with the fact that we have allowed religion to run amuck and they no longer represent the love and care of god but rather their own hateful agenda we will continue to feel the pain. I just bet God is reveling in their hypocrisy!